SKOOMIN is a LIVE anonymous reporting system. SKOOMIN offers an APP to schools to allow students the service of anonymously reporting incidents of bullying, intimidation, harassment, weapons, or other forms of bullying that allegedly occur at school, on school buses, or on their way to and from school. Reports sent on behalf of SKOOMIN provide school administrations with information to determine the severity of the incident reported and to begin an investigation (if needed). SKOOMIN cannot guarantee that a report is not false. SKOOMIN is not liable for any report that after a school investigation proves to be false. SKOOMIN is not liable if an APP is not accessible due to internet access is not available, or if new updates are in progress or update complications occur. Schools could use this report information as to methods of intervention accordingly to schools policies and procedures. If a report is being sent from off of school property your school is not liable- a school failing to investigate a report while school is closed is not liable. +
Secured transmission-all reports and information are secure when sent to a school official (representative who will investigate the report). All reports are reviewed and dealt with through the school’s designated representative (ex. administration) and school board policies and procedures.+
SKOOMIN is committed to maintaining your confidence, trust and protecting the privacy of your information. Our database is secured through Firebase. Reports will be sent through our automated APP using your school’s password.

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