SKOOMIN – One year subscription

$249.00 exc HST - ($281.37 inc HST)

SKOOMIN subscription one year rate


$ 249. US$


Our goal is to help schools create a safe and motivating culture where students can learn in a respectful environment

Main features of SKOOMIN are the following:

Sign in

Both students and principal can sign-in from the same application. To sign-in, both students and principal should have a valid username and password.  The username and password remain valid while the school has an active contract with SKOOMIN.

Sign up

Sign-up option is available only for students. To sign-up, students should select their country, state, city and school. Then student will enter a valid school code. This school code will ensure that student is currently registered at that school.

Student Registration

To register students- complete the student registration form. Students can enter any username and password. If the school has issued a Student ID number, then students will enter that student ID. If schools do not provided a student ID, then students can use oooo as his/her student ID.

Home Screen

This is the home screen of SKOOMIN. There are three tabbed navigation buttons. First one named “Reports”, it shows all the latest and unresolved reports. The second tab is named “Resolved”, this tab shows all the resolved reports. The third tab is named “Notifications”, it shows all the the notifications sent by the principal.

Report Submission

One minute report submission procedure.

To submit a report- add the report title, enter report details and select the report type. (Add images if you want.) Then click the submit button and report will be submitted.

Live Chat

SKOOMIN offers LIVE communication between the students and their principal. Both student and principal can send and receive messages to each other.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications can be a very useful tool. The Principal can send instant notifications to the students and teachers ex. during a lock-down due to weapons on school property, a reminder about exams or upcoming events….etc. All previous notifications sent by the principal remain saved on the app.

Notifications By Principal

SKOOMIN allows the principal to send notifications to the students. Principal can type title and details of notifications and then enter a valid password to send notifications to students.

Follow-up Reports

Follow-up Reports is an option that allows the principal the ability to mark a report as a resolved report. The Principal can write about the follow up that has been done, add pictures or add other comments about the resolved report.  Then the report will be moved to the resolved report section.



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