Privacy Policy


  • At no time will any information from SKOOMIN be sent or sold to a third party
  • At no time will SKOOMIN do surveys or take statistics from results of any report/s sent to any school
  • Only school principals or superintendents are allowed to view reports or data from their school
  • SKOOMIN will never look or open any data from any schools program unless authorized in writing by the school board
  • SKOOMIN is designed only to aid schools in allowing students to report anonymously directly to their principal (or designated admin contact)
  • At no time will a principal (or designated admin contact) will have the authority to know who is sending the report in the case of an investigation. In the case of an investigation, the police department will have access to the data from that school
  • Principal (or designated admin contact) have the authority to change their school and personal passwords
  • If there is an unexpected error in our app, SKOOMIN has the right to go into an account with the approval from the principal or designated admin contact authority of a school to resolve any issues
  • If any data is exposed to a SKOOMIN employee, all data and privacy will never be sent to any other company or third party
  • SKOOMIN will always look out for the best interest of each school and will never let any other company or third party view their data
  • There are NO pop-up windows or links to forward to other websites
  • We do not use cookies for private information

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