Receive Reports

Receive reports 24/7

Live communication (just like messenger)

Ask students more detail about report instantly

Reports are anonymous

Students can add photos

Reports are time stamped

If you receive a false report you can block or delete student account. (student will no longer be able to use the app to report)

Time Stamped Reports

All reports are filled on your administration dashboard.

All reports will have date and time of each report.

All communication between principal and student will be documented along with photos if added.

You'll receive an alert if you have forgotten to follow up with a report.

Follow up on Reports

After each report you'll have a section to follow up.

You have two weeks to close of report or you'll receive an alert.

If after investigation you find report to be false and purposely sent to waste your time, you may block or delete that student from using Skoomin app.

Empowering students to speak up

Lookdown Button

The principal and only the principal has the authority to send a lockdown notification to all students and teachers instantly.

To send this alert the principal will have a password to enter. After entering the password the principal presses the lockdown button.

Any additional information the principal wants to say maybe added to the alert

Block or Delete Accounts

Statistics show that students will report more often when reports are anonymous.

The big issue is... If it's anonymous what stops students from sending false reports.

Before a student sends a report a pop up box will appear stating that false reports will be investigated and if report is found to be false disciplinary action up to suspension may occur. "Are you sure you still want to send this report"

If you receive a report that is false the principal can delete or block that account from ever sending another report from the Skoomin app.

Monthly Reports

Each month you'll receive a report showing statistics to help you improve on maintaining a safe school environment.

If you have suggestions on other categories that might make your monthly reports better please don't hesitate and email us. We're always looking to make Skoomin better for each school who uses our App.