What is?

Empowering students to speak up

Reporting is live and secure
                             is proud to announce our new reporting system for schools.

Skoomin is an online school reporting system to allow students to report bullying, harassment, intimidation, vandalism, alcohol, drugs, weapons directly to their school.

Students can report from their cell phone directly to their principal.

The reporting is LIVE... That's right. This way you can resolve problems right away.

SKOOMIN reporting system is secure and anonymous.

Schools will have access to their private page where they can read reports and follow up.
Features & Benifits
Maintain a Safe School Environment with SKOOMIN
Reports are anonymous

Reporting is instant

Reporting is easy

Add photos to report

Principal can block or delete any accounts

Principal has the ability to notify all students and teachers about a lookdown due to weapons on schools property.

School has admin area to see all reports and follow ups

App is available on Android and Iphone

No ad pop ups - No advertising

Easy to install

Students can go to Apple app store or Google Play to upload app.

Once uploaded students will have to fill out form and school ID number to register.

Once registered, students can report anonymously and instantly to school authorities.

Students may upload pictures to any report.

Once a student presses SEND a pop up box will appear making sure students understand that false reporting will be investigated and consequences may occur.

Statistics show over and over again when students can report anonymously they're more likely to report instances occurring in their school.