Empowering students to speak up

Reasons to use SKOOMIN our anonymous reporting system

Although schools have historically protected the identity of those coming forward with allegations of bullying, harassment and intimidation the act of physically speaking with a counselor, principal, or teacher is often a major hurdle to reporting.

Not all students have relationships with these members of the school community and may be reluctant to report issues to them directly. That is why SKOOMIN was developed.

Once you implement SKOOMIN our anonymous reporting APP technology, the information collected becomes key to to support the claim as well as giving you the opportunity to follow up and resolve the issue immediately. Armed with this data, you may also uncover specific details about the issues affecting your student body, such as gang violence, social cliques, or emotional bullying.

Our App is easy to use. If your student knows how to text then you can use our system.
-Talk live with your principal

-upload pictures to prove your report

My name is Jim Jordan, I am the president of Reportbullying.com. I have been speaking on bullying, harassment and intimidation that occurs on school property for over 13 years.
I have spoken to thousands of students and what keeps coming up is... "I don't want to be called a snitch" This is especially a concern in schools with small amounts of students.

That is why our team developed SKOOMIN an APP that students can use to report anyhting of concern.

Take a look at our video tutorials and please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

If you want to maintain a safe school environment then SKOOMIN is the right choice.
-It's affordable to any school
-it's LIVE reporting
-24/7 support