Empowering students to speak up

Anonymous and Confidential
At reportbullying.com our team has developed an anonymous reporting system to allow students the safety of speaking up without feeling they'll be shunned or called a snitch.

Nothing bothers me more than a person who gets a reputation for being a snitch for doing the right thing. Snitching is getting someone in trouble, telling is getting someone out of trouble.

Many students will not speak up fearing the retribution if caught by their peers. The first thing bullies do when they get caught is to call out the person who told an adult about them bullying or doing something that was mean or dangerous.

Our system is comeletly anonymous. The principal will never know who is sending the report. With that being said the principal can still delete or block that student from reporting again if a false statement was reported.

When filling out the form to sign up have no worries. The information is provided to ensure that you are a student at that particular school.
The principal will not know who they are talking to unless you inform them of your name.

You may report anything from bullying to weapons on school property. You also have the option to add a photo to your report.

Security: Our platform is on Firebase which has the top encryption protection to make sure your information is private.

Rest assure any report given from a student is 100% confidential. Now be prepared because more students will start speaking up about things that are wrong and unsafe. You'll have the opportunity to resolve these situations immediately because our anonymous reporting system is LIVE, this allows you the principal to ask questions right away to get to the root of the problem.

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